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Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?
Coaching is an intentional discussion that equips a client to become all the man he was created to be and to do those things he was created to do. It addresses life issues you wish to consider and helps guide you to the vision you have for life. For the Christ-follower, coaching equips a client to become all the man God created him to be and to do those things He created him to do.

What do we talk about in career and life coaching?
You set the agenda in our first coaching session. We’ll work together to develop an action plan with reasonable goals, accountability, and follow-up evaluation to chart progress on reaching your goals.

What is your role as a coach?
My job is to listen, ask questions, evaluate responses, and encourage thinking to enable you to perform at your highest capability in life.

Are coaching sessions confidential?
Absolutely. Coaching is a confidential relationship built on trust. We will not voluntarily divulge details of the coaching relationship without your written permission, unless required to do so by law or if the safety of you or others is deemed jeopardized.

What kind of commitment is involved?
Your level of commitment is up to you. Each week, you will have assignments that will require some reflection, thought, and action, but they should not require a great deal of time. Coaching is not a course to study, but a process to learn.

What age is the best for coaching?
Men of all ages and experiences benefit from coaching. I specialize in coaching men 18 to 35 who are making 80 percent of their major life decisions. However, I coach clients in all life stages including those with young families, in mid-life, and approaching retirement.

How does coaching differ from counseling?
Counseling deals more with healing past issues while coaching focuses on the future and how to make your vision of the future become reality. Coaching is less formal than counseling. With coaching, I form a partnership with each man who desires more from life.

What are the limitations of coaching?
I am a life coach, not a licensed professional counselor. Coaching is not intended as a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, recovery from past abuse, professional medical care, financial assistance, legal counsel, or other professional services. It is your exclusive responsibility to seek independent professional guidance for these services as needed.

Isn’t life coaching just “positive thinking?”
Coaching is not about masking issues with positive thoughts. You’ll develop skills to advance to where you want to be. As you make progress towards your goal, you should become more aware, focused, motivated, and positive about your future. That’s positive progress, not positive thinking!

What are your values and beliefs?
Coaching assumes that each person in the relationship is guided by his values and beliefs. My job is not to judge you, disrespect you, or change you. You are responsible for making choices to get you where you want to go. While I am committed to Jesus Christ and seek to live according to this commitment, I respect the different values and beliefs of others.

Is coaching like mentoring or discipleship?
Mentoring is teaching another person, such as an apprentice, to be or work like the Mentor. Discipleship is teaching Scripture with the goal of becoming a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ. While both certainly are worthwhile endeavors, they are not coaching.

What if I do not wish to continue to be coached?
You may discontinue coaching at any time, for whatever reason. If or when our coaching partnership ends, our goal always will be to part as friends.

How much does coaching cost?
The initial meeting to determine if you wish to be coached is free. The introductory package of four weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, on-boarding, and assessments is $400. A limited number of scholarships are available for those whose finances are tight. If that is your situation, ask about a scholarship. The fee for coaching sessions beyond the four weeks varies depending on the level of engagement required. It is rare for a client to opt for a single coaching session, but one can be scheduled at a fee of $150 per hour. Fees always are agreed to before coaching begins.

How are fees paid?
Coaching fees are payable by credit/debit card, check, or cash at the beginning of the coaching partnership.

Does insurance pay for coaching?
No. Some employers or organizations may cover all or part of coaching fees on an individual basis or as part of a corporate retainer.  The arrangement for paying coaching fees is the client’s responsibility.

Do you coach organizations?
Yes. Coaching services are provided to businesses, non-profit organizations, ministries, and/or individuals in them, at an annual fee depending on the number and nature of coaching sessions desired.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?
Schedule a free, introductory meeting, get started, and decide for yourself.

What are your Covid precautions?
Masking recommendations are posted on the office door. Masks can be worn at all times upon your request.

Have other questions?
Go to the contact page and send me a note.